PUPS Storyboard

Title Page: PUPS Illustrated by Katya Greimes

There are many kinds of pups, and each pup is different.

This pup cuddles. This pup looks blue. This pup runs as fast as a horse.

This pup has hooves. Huh? This pup purrs. This can’t be right. This pup breathes fire. These aren’t pups at all!

All REAL pups, raise your paw.Everyone else, please go wait outside.

This pup is smart. This pup swims. This pup fits inside a fancy shoe.

This pup digs. Hey! This pup barks. Wait just a minute! This pup wags its tail. Stop! You are the wrong kind of pups.

All pups that will to grow up into DOGS, raise your paw! Everyone else, please go wait outside.

This pup plays catch. This pup likes snow. This pup has a long blue tongue.

This pup cuddles, is smart, and plays a great game of catch!

This pup also chases away bad dreams, gives the best kisses, and will be the best friend anyone has ever had.

Which pup is your favorite?

(Pups and animals labeled)

Did you know baby dogs are called pups? Did you know other baby animals are called pups too? (Back matter)